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Strep-tag® Starter Kit
The Strep-tag® / Strep-Tactin® purification system allows the isolation of above 95% pure and functional proteins after one chrom...

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MATra Starter Set 5: Test Set for M...
Test set for comparison of Magnet Assisted Transfection versus Magnet Assisted Lipofection. Including a one-month-rent of a unive...

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FasL-Strep Apoptosis Assays
FasL-Strep, a stable homotrimer, efficiently induces the CD95 pathway of apoptosis and is highly suited for evaluation of CD95 (Fas) recep...

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Streptamer® Magnetic Beads IBA BioT...
Cell biology is reliant on the investigation of unmanipulated naturally occurring cells. State-of-the-art receptor specific isolation ...

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Gravity flow Strep-Tactin Superflow...
Strep-Tactin Superflow combines superior mechanical stability and outstanding flow characteristics with high dynamic binding capacity. ...

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Company Profile

IBA GmbH is dedicated to providing high quality tools for life science research.

Being the "TAG-company", IBA is covering with its TAGnologies the entire production of recombinant proteins. As a competent partner for the Life science industry and academia, IBA is one of the foremost providers of TAG-derived products and services for PCR, cloning, transfection, protein expression and purification to detection, immobilization, and T-cell isolation.

IBA's clients may choose either the proprietary protein products or, alternatively, the custom services, which are based on the same TAGnologies maximizing the client?? flexibility to allocate resources.

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