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We design, develop, manufacture, market and sell genomic and proteomic instrumentation, software, consumables and services. Genomic Solutions is the only company supplying tools and expertise for both genomics , proteomics and high-throughput screening.

Our instruments can be purchased individually or as part of fully integrated systems tailored to genomic, proteomic and drug discovery research requirements. Our customers use our integrated, automated systems to facilitate more rapid and less expensive drug discovery. Genomic Solutions products provide high quality research data and fast turnaround time.

Company History

Genomic Solutions was formed in 1997 to address the emerging research needs for innovative, first to market automated genomic and proteomic instruments.

A series of strategic acquisitions combined with internal R&D, resulted in the release of the comprehensive GeneTACTM Biochip and InvestigatorTM Proteomic systems in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Genomic Solutions became a publicly held company with a highly successful May 2000 initial public offering (Nasdaq NM: GNSL).

Through a series of strategic alliances, product development initiatives and timely organizational refinements, the company bolstered its market position as a single-source supplier of tools and services for both genomic and proteomic researchers.

During the fourth quarter of 2001, Genomic Solutions acquired Cartesian Technologies, Inc., further strengthening product choices available to customers and additionally moving the company into the fast-growing high-throughput screening market.

Philosophy & Mission

We believe that, with the exception of our products, currently available microarray and proteomic technologies suffer from four basic limitations: poor quality results, low productivity, lack of flexibility and high cost. Genomic Solutions has developed integrated microarray and proteomic systems to overcome those limitations. Our instruments and systems provide:

High Quality Data
Increased Productivity
Enhanced Flexibility
Lower Cost

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide life science researchers in biopharmaceutical
companies, universities and other research institutions with advanced
biochip and proteomic systems and services, thereby significantly enhancing productivity and improving the gene and protein analysis processes.

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