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Optical Dilatometer (Horizontal)
The Horizontal Optical Dilatometer Misura® ODLT is the ideal instrument to study the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), tes...

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Optical Dilatometer (Vertical)
The Vertical Optical Dilatometer Misura® ODHT is the ideal instrument to study sintering, sintering kinetics, expansion and shri...

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Heating Microscope
The Heating Microscope is able to acquire and store images of a specimen subjected to an industrial heating cycle ,while all the dimensio...

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Optical Fleximeter
The Optical Fleximeter Misura® FLEX is the ideal instrument to study flexural behaviour of materials undergoing real industrial firing cy...

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Ceramic Software
The Ceramic Software developed by Expert System Solutions represents an essential tool for those companies involved in ceramic field whic...

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Company Profile

Expert System Solutions S.r.l. was settled in 1989 in Modena - Italy. It started its business developing Windows programs, which since 1990 have had all the characteristics that have always distinguished ESS products: high quality, innovation, user-friendly interface.The majority of company's resources have been reinvested in research and development, enabling ESS to develop a strong technology and successful products, from software for ceramic laboratory for technical use, to instruments dedicated to laboratories of materials analysis such as: Automatic Heating Microscopes, innovative Optical Dilatometers, Optical Fleximeters and DTA.

The Mission of Expert System Solutions is to create software, innovative lab tools and vision systems that allow companies of several industrial sectors, to use such products to obtain a competitive result compared to competition, thus keeping a high quality level of technological development.

Thermal analysis instrument, Scientific software, Heating Microscope, Optical Dilatometer, Optical Fleximeter, Glaze Master, Tile Master, Safety Master, Budget Master, Coefficient of expansion, melting behaviour, fusion behaviour, Glass transition, sintering