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RE388TX Advanced Research Conductiv...
Apart from conductivity, the user is able to measure: resistivity; total dissolved solids; salinity and temperature. These modes m...

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FE247 Portable Automatic Dissolved ...
The FE247 has four measurement modes; 5 saturation; ppm; temperature and the uncalibrated raw signal in uA. The instrument may be ...

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FE257 Portable Automatic pH/Ion Met...
The FE257 is a flexible, portable pH meter, offering a choice of manual or automatic control; 0.1mV resolution for ISE work and a recorder ...

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FE253 Portable pH Meter
The FE253 is a general purpose portable pH/mV/Temperature meter. One or two point calibration is achieved using traditional manual controls...

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RE357 Research Micro Ph Meter
The RE357 bench meter is a flexible pH meter, offering the end user a choice of manual or automatic control, mV for ISE work and a recorder...

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Company Profile

EDT directION have a proud tradition of manufacturing and supplying both conventional and cutting edge electrochemistry products. The products are manufactured and fully supported in the UK by technical specialists and engineers.

The major areas of speciality are pH, Conductivity, Ion measurement and Dissolved Oxygen. EDT directION manufacture meters, probes and consumables in all of these areas thereby offering the total solution to your electrochemistry requirement.

Our products are widely used in many areas particularly water, food, bio-medical and environmental industries.

EDT directION is committed to supplying the best possible products to meet the demands of todays analyst and to supporting and servicing them, long after initial delivery.

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