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Features: 1. Reduce physical stress and discomfort, help avoiding repetitive stra...

Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Heating wiht compact design:   1.With constant s...

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Dragon Laboratory Instruments Limited , founded in 1992, has established its factory in China's capital Beijing . We are professional manufacturers of top quality laboratory instruments for researchers in both scientific and clinical fields. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing micro instruments and equipments as well as distributing world-renowned products and offering researchers unmatched performance and proven value.

We currently focus on two business lines:
Liquid handling devices, including Mechanical ( Fixed volume and Adjustable volume ), Autoclavable Pipettes, Pipetting Filler,Pipette Controller,Stepper and Bottle top dispenser.
General Lab instruments ,such as Stirrer ,Shaker range ,as well as a line of Centrifuge.

We promote continuous research and development of medical equipments that meet the challenges of increasingly sophisticated research environments. Our technical expertise ensures that we provide data supported answers to technical questions. Our goal is to provide top quality products to fit the needs of each customer. We welcome OEM requests.

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