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DFR 750 G Deep Freezer - 738 liter freezer designed for the low-temperature storage...

Green Deep Freezer - Freezing down to -86°C, with an innovative evaporator technolog...

The biolog solution: In order to meet management and traceability needs for the trans...

UF 455 G Deep Freezer - Freezing down to -86°C, with an innovative evaporator techno...

An environmentally friendly 489 litre blood bank refrigerator for safe storage of bl...

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B Medical Systems manufactures and distributes vaccine refrigeration equipment and provides solutions globally for both on-grid locations with electrical power supply and offgrid environments with no power supply. As vaccines are temperature sensitive, this presents a significant challenge when trying to reach populations in remote areas. To ensure the company’s ongoing success in such demanding environments, we invest heavily in R&D. B Medical Systems also manufactures and distributes globally medical refrigeration equipment, with a specialization in Blood safety. 

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