The Starter’s CYTOOchip has been designed as a tool to help you identify which pattern works best fo...

CYTOOplates are optical grade, glass-bottom microplates in 96 or 384-well format with black-side upp...

For maximum efficiency in your research, Cytoo can manufacture CYTOOchips™ with your own micropattern design.

Choose the appropriate shape and size from the available standard micropattern list. You'll get up ...

The CYTOOchamber™ is a 35mm footprint device specially designed and manufactured for the 2x2cm² squ...

Company Profile

Cytoo develops products for cellular analysis and high-content cell screening which decrease cell variability

Cytoo develop, manufacture, and distribute products that make cellular analysis robust and reliable by drastically decreasing cell variability.

Cytoo's new micropattern-based products are designed to meet the needs of all clients whatever their research goals. Cytoo are open to suggestions or specific requests that can improve and spread the scope of this breakthrough in quantitative cell analysis.

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