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S220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicat...
The S220 Ultra sonicator reproducibly shears DNA to desired lengths, in single-sample mode. The S220 is optimized for next-gen nu...

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E220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicat...
The E220 Ultra sonicator reproducibly shears DNA to desired lengths, in multi-sample mode in either plates and tubes. The E220 is...

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LE220 High Performance Ultra-Sonica...
The LE220 Ultra sonicator reproducibly shears DNA to desired lengths, in a multi-sample parallel-processing mode.The LE220 is specifically...

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FS220 High Performance Formulation ...
The FS220 is specifically designed for processing poorly soluble compounds in volumes up to 1 liter. The FS220 represents a breakthrough ...

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CP02 CryoPrep Dry Pulverization Sys...
The patented CryoPrep system includes a sample processing vessel and a microprocessor controlled, parallel impact force instrument which d...

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Company Profile

Covaris provides instruments and solutions to improve sample preparation in biological and chemical research. Our broad range of applications include tissue disruption and homogenization, DNA, RNA and protein extraction, compound management and formulation.

Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ (AFA) technology empowers many scientific disciplines to develop new processes using isothermal and non-contact processes, including acoustic homogenization and acoustic dissolution

Products are highly innovative and widely applicable for instruments used in biological and chemical processes

Technology combines non-linear, high intensity, convergent acoustic shock waves with an advanced computerized control system