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UV Transilluminators
These UV Transilluminators are multitasking workstations which offer an ultra-violet source for the analysis of fluorescently sta...

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microDOC is a simple, inexpensive and ultra compact gel documentation system. It contains a 16 bit CCD digital camera with a supe...

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UV Sterilization Cabinets
These UV Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenient area for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment thus limiting PC...

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Gel Drying
With a drying area of 21 x 31 cm, the Midi gel dryer can dry six 10 x 10cm gels or a single larger gel. The Maxi Gel Dryer with a 35 x 45c...

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omniPAC Power Supplies
The omniPAC Power Supplies are available in Maxi, Midi and Mini versions. omniPAC MAXi Programmable Power Supplies are high performanc...

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Company Profile

Providing expertise and excellence in Electrophoresis for the World Life Science market.

We utilize the latest injection moulding manufacturing techniques and draw on years of expertise in Electrophoresis product development, implementation and production. We offer high quality products, technically enhanced for ease of use and sample resolution, at competitive prices.

Products manufactured and supplied include: Horizontal Gel systems, Vertical gel systems, Blotting systems, Clinical electrophoresis, Comet Assay, 2-D Electrophoresis, Gel Documentation, Power supplies, Radiation protection equipment, Safety trays and liners.