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Fragment Library
A collection of approximately 5,000 compounds rationally selected according to various diversity parameters and Astex Rule of Thre...

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KINASet Library
This kinase library is a computationally selected collection of 11,000 compounds utilizing a ligand-based pharmacophore selection ...

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ION Channel Set Screening Library
This ion channel library is a set of 5,600 compounds matching published Ion-Channel modulator pharmacophores that cover ligand gated : 5-HT...

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Molecular Weight Set Screening Libr...
A collection of 30,000 compounds plated in sequential order of increasing molecular weight and can be ordered within particular molecular w...

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A ready to screen collection of 100,000 to 200,000 small molecules, pre-plated in DMSO in 0.25 umol and higher amounts and 0.1mg to 5mg amo...

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Company Profile

ChemBridge Corporation offers an extensive portfolio of chemistry products and research services for drug discovery, including small molecule screening libraries, building blocks for medicinal chemists, and discovery chemistry services. Our screening libraries offer over 800,000 leadlike and druglike molecules, including both diverse and targeted/focused screening compounds and selections. For synthesis of advanced molecules for drug discovery, our building block collection provides over 12,000 molecules including aldehydes, carboxylic acids, primary amines, boronic acids, and many other classes. Our chemistry services include custom synthesis, exclusive library synthesis, and FTE-based medicinal chemistry support.

ChemBridge provides a comprehensive portfolio of cost-effective, enabling chemistry solutions for all stages of small molecule drug discovery, from initial hit generation, to hit-to-lead, to lead optimization, and pre-clinical candidate identification.