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The Vena8 Endothelial+™ biochip is ideal for studying cell-cell interaction. En...

The Vena8 Fluoro+™ biochip is ideal for studying cell receptor-ligand interaction an...

Features: Precise flow control with active feedback via integrated flow s...

The VenaT4™ biochip model combines Cellix's proprietary microfluidic flow technology...

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Cellix develops, manufactures and sells microfluidics pumping solutions, consumable biochips, software and automated solutions for cell-based assays. Customers include biology laboratories in academia, government laboratories and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry worldwide.

Applications include investigation of cell adhesion, migration and transmigration under physiological flow conditions (mimicked in our biochips) and cell culture with a simple iPod Touch controlled microfluidic pump. Therapeutic areas include thrombosis, atherosclerosis, inflammation, stem cell research, asthma, allergies, malaria and biofilm culture.

microfluidic cell based assays, cell adhesion, migration, transmigration under shear stress, automatic cell culture

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