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In-Vivo Xtreme
Introducing the new In-Vivo Xtreme, our next-generation multi-modal optical and X-ray small animal imaging system. Beneath its sl...

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Albira PET/SPECT/CT Imaging System
Albira- Revolutionary PET/SPECT/CT  for preclinical small animal imaging. The Albira system features a modular architecture tha...

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In-Vivo MS FX PRO With multispectral fluorescence, luminescence, radioisotopic and high resolution X-ray imaging in one system, the MS FX ...

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BioSpec® Preclinical MRI
BioSpec series Bruker offers multi-purpose high field MRI/MRS research systems, designed for the emerging market of preclinical veterinary...

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Rat Array MRI CryoProbe
Advanced MRI coil technology delivers highest sensitivity in rat brain in vivo imaging. The rat array MRI CryoProbe™ for in vivo neuro...

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Company Profile

With our acquisition of Carestream Molecular Imaging, Bruker BioSpin has become your one source for high performance prelinical optical, X-ray, and nuclear imaging systems. 

We offer the revolutionary Albira, a new PET/SPECT/CT system specifically for small animal imaging that has a highly compact, multimodal design and unique, patented detector technology for exquisite sensitivity and high resolution images.

Our In-Vivo Imaging Systems allow you to choose the one system that best meets your particular imaging needs. Our multispectral systems combines high sensitivity optical imaging and high-resolution digital X-ray in a single, multimodal system, allowing for unmatched versatility, superior image quality and streamlined workflow. 

Bruker BioSpin - Your one source for complete molecular imaging solutions