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Our New LED Based Flash Photolysis System The Cairn Optoflash is the latest member...

Company Profile

Cairn Research Ltd is an independent scientific instruments manufacturer based in Faversham in the UK. We mainly produce instrumentation for fast, sensitive optical measurements, with our equipment being found around the world in laboratories using fluorescent indicators or fluorescent proteins to investigate the dynamics of physiological systems. Our customer base is primarily leading researchers with demanding scientific goals, and many of our products have been developed as a result of our responding to their specific requirements. This has also allowed us to diversify into other areas for which they may have a simultaneous requirement, such as bioluminescence, electrophysiology and flash photolysis, all of which we now support.

Cairn has a very active R&D programme, and we are assisted in this by the use of professional development software for specialist design work. We have workstations for Vutrax for electronic design and component layout; Zemax for optical design and development; and SolidEdge for 3D modelling and drafting. To complement this we have in-house mechanical engineering facilities, which are used extensively for both research and development and custom design projects. The nature of our research programme helps us to provide the best possible customer support, as it is usually possible to speak to the person who actually designed a product or system to answer questions or solve problems.

In addition to manufacturing our own proprietary research equipment we are experienced in providing complete integrated systems based around our hardware and high quality components from other suppliers. We have good working relationships with the top manufacturers of research microscopes, regularly incorporating microscopes from Nikon and Olympus into our complete systems, although we can support microscopes from other manufacturers as well. In the fluorescence imaging field we work with companies such as Andor, Photometrics and Hamamatsu, to provide comprehensive solutions. We guarantee that whether you choose to buy a single component or an entire system from Cairn, you will get the same high level of service and support.

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