The Cabinplant paddle washer is designed to wash/clean leafy vegetables such as spina...

The flotation washer is designed to wash/clean strawberries, plums, cherries, dates, ...

The Cabinplant bean snipper is designed for automatic snipping of green beans. It has...

The Cabinplant nobbing machine is designed for the cutting of sardines, sprats and ot...

All Cabinplant blanchers are manufactured to meet individual customer needs. Capaciti...

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Cabinplant A/S is a privately owned company, which was founded in 1969. With headquarters in Haarby, Denmark, we employ more than 230 persons and have subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, UK and Poland, as well as our Food Machinery Market (FMM) dealing in second-hand equipment.

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Roesbjergvej 9
DK-5683 Haarby
+45 6373 2020
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