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BlueSens GmbH introduces FermVis, allowing you to visualise your experiments online...

From BioSens GmbH , BacVis software for the data recording of the gas-formation pote...

From BioSens GmbH , the robust BCP-CH4 IR-sensors are the ideal solution for the ana...

From BioSens GmbH , the BCP-O2 is a reliable and uncomplicate sensor for the measuri...

From BioSens GmbH , the Yieldmaster BCS-CH4 biogas is a complete analysis system con...

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BlueSens gas sensor GmbH develops, manufactures and markets PAT (process analytical technology) conform sensors for many gases like CH4, CO2 and O2. A mere decade after its establishment BlueSens is meanwhile the market leader and supplies the sensors worldwide. Thanks to an innovative and patented set-up the costs for a gas analysis, e.g. of bioreactors, can be minimized.

BlueSens products can be found in biotechnical laboratories, in biogas plants, in the food industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry.

BlueSens offers high-tech gas measuring technique - made in Germany - from the single sensor to the complex analytical system for a reasonable price.

The applications of the sensors stretch from basic research through GMP production. The innovative structure allows using the sensors at the spot where the bioprocess is taking place without having to adjust the pressure. BlueSens is your trusted partner for your measuring task, whether you need a standard sensor or a custom-tailored development.

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