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DRAQ9 TM is a new member of the DRAQ TM family of probes, specficially designed fo...

FIX & GO™ is a NEW, ready to use formulation of DRAQfx™ - the far-red/NIR fluoresce...

DROP & GO™ is a NEW, ready to use formulation of DRAQ7™ - the far-red/NIR fluorescen...

HypoxiTRAK™ is a novel, far-red fluorescing dye that reveals the hypoxic experience ...

DRAQ5™ is a novel far-red fluorescent LIVE cell DNA dye that can be used in combinat...

Company Profile

Biostatus is passionate about cell-based science. We are committed to providing our customers with highly innovative tools that offer significant advantages to both routine and research-oriented cell-based analysis.

Our mission...

* to invent, develop and market novel reagents for use in cell-based research, drug screening and healthcare diagnostics
* to expand these markets through the development of complementary detection and screening technologies

Our values...

* customer first
* innovation led
* objective review

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