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MagRo™ 8-M Robotic Workstation
For automated sample purification -Use the MagRo™ 8-M workstation with ready-to-use protocols or customize your own applicatio...

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QuickPick™ GST for proteins
QuickPick™ GST kit for proteins, 48 preps (62411) The ready-to-use QuickPick GST glutathione affinity kit is intended for t...

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QuickPick™ mRNA midi, mini, mi...
This ready-to-use kit is intended for the purification of poly (A)+ mRNA from cultured cells, animal and plant tissues, and is used togethe...

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PickPen® 8-M magnetic tool
The PickPen 8-M magnetic tool offers the same benefits as the PickPen 1-M but allows parallel processing of 8 samples. The device is suitab...

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QuickPick™ Plant DNA kit, 48 preps ...
The QuickPick Plant DNA kit is intended for the purification of plant DNA. Designed for use with the PickPen magnetic tool, the kit uses Ma...

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BN provides innovative products allowing easy and fast pretreatment of samples for your downstream applications. Purification of nucleic acids as well as purification/fractionation of proteins becomes far more straightforward with our PickPen™ magnetic particle separation tools and range of QuickPick™ kits.

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