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For protecting operators from aerosols and chemicals LAOP’s high performance airf...

Enclosures with B2 type bio-safe conditions providing protection from hazardous aero...

Bigneat downflow tables draw dust, smoke and fumes down past the worktop and away fr...

Description For operator and sample/process protection BCEE high-purity clean...

Providing stable conditions for storage. Bigneats BCAS controlled atmospher...

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Bigneat is a leading global provider of laboratory enclosures and clean air safety systems to scientific laboratories in disciplines such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, materials science and electronics. The company specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of enclosures and fume extraction systems for operator protection, product protection or both combined into one system.

Clients include pharmaceutical companies (for drug discovery), university & government research departments, electronics, nanotechnology, photonics companies, laboratories and schools involved in a broad range of activities.

As an original equipment manufacturer, Bigneat also develops and manufactures OEM equipment that is then distributed by partner companies.

Bigneat has been designing, manufacturing and maintaining just about every conceivable style of clean air safety cabinet for more than 35 years. Bigneat has grown from a national business to become a company with links worldwide and now enjoys an unrivalled reputation as the world’s most innovative supplier in this specialist sector.

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