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BellBrook Labs- Screening Tools for the Pharmaceutical Industry

BellBrook Labs is dedicated to providing the pharmaceutical industry with enabling screening tools to accelerate the discovery of more effective therapies.

As a small, R&D-driven company, Bell Brook Labs identify areas where there is a strong need but a significant technical hurdle, and then we develop a solution. BellBrook is focused on taking creative approaches to new product development and to continually improving the level of service provided to our customers. When you communicate with someone from BellBrook it will be immediately apparent that they share your passion for discovering more effective disease therapies and your respect for the complexity of biology.

BellBrook Labs specializes in two major technology platforms-

Transcreener® Biochemical Assay Technology:

Universal, high throughput screening platform for enzymes based on direct detection of nucleotide enzyme products with far red FI, FP and TR-FRET readouts. Transcreener assays enable you to screen more targets, both well characterized and emerging, faster and more efficiently.

•  Four assays cover thousands of target enzymes, including any kinase, ATPase, or GTPase.
•  Direct detection means less chance for compound interference.
•  Far Red FP, FI and TR-FRET readouts validated on major multimode readers.
•  Single step, mix and read format with 8 hour deck and signal stability for easy automation.

Iuvo™ MicroConduit Array Technology:

Iuvo Microconduit Arrays enable the use of highly miniaturized, advanced cell models and functional assays with automated liquid handling and HCA platforms, with the goal of more accurate replication of in vivo processes in drug discovery. Instead of the "buckets" of various sizes used for cell culture in multiwell plates, iuvo plates have cell culture compartments with geometries designed specifically to support the biology and/or functions of interest. iuvo plates comply with SBS standards, and the liquid in the microchannels can be displaced with passive pumping as often as necessary using standard automated liquid dispensing equipment. No specialized instrumentation is required to carry out assays or acquire the data. BellBrook Labs currently has two iuvo products: the Chemotaxis Assay Plate, and the Microchannel 5250.

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