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ANPx101/NUM Positioner
Attocube Systems ANPx101/NUM Positioner The ANPx101/NUM Positioner with an optoelectronic encoder allows for ultra precise, c...

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ANPx101/RES Positioner
Attocube Systems ANPx101/RES The ANPx101/RES linear, horizontal stepper positioner with resistive position readout allows for...

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Attocube ASC500 - Scanning Probe Microscope Controller The Attocube Systems ASC500 is a modular and flexible digital SPM controller whi...

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Attocube Systems Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) are designed as complete system solutions, capable of being integrated into virtually any...

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Attocube attoFPSensor - Long range, high precision, ultra compact interferometric displacement sensor The attoFPSensor is based on a F...

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Attocube Systems - Exploring Excellence

Attocube systems develops, manufactures, and distributes a new type of nanopositioning system. Based on unique technology Attocube are able to strike new paths in the area of microscopy and micro/nanoanalysis.

'Trusted to Deliver Excellence' is central to attocube systems' company philosophy. In today's competitive environment it is not enough to build great products: customers are looking to Attocube to deliver the best in service solutions.

Attocube products include:

??SEM Solutions
??nbsp;Control Electronics

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