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Hyborg - cylindrical DNA and protei...
Hyborg is a fully automated device for processing and analysing hybcells (cylindrical DNA and protein microarrays). Hyborg i...

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Hybcell - DNA or protein microarray
Anagnostics' hybcell is the world's first DNA or protein microarray based on the use of cylinders instead of slides. hybcell t...

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Company Profile

We specialize in developing systems and tests for research and clinical in-vitro diagnostic procedures. Our aim is to provide solutions for unmet needs, especially in the fields of multiplexed protein and nucleic acid analysis.

Since 2005 our ambitious team around molecular geneticist Dr. Bernhard Ronacher develops a new multiplex assay and diagnostics technology. A cylindrical microarray, the patented hybcell, is the core of our technology.

Our vision is to establish hybcell technology in pharmaceutical research and clinical diagnostics.

Some of the benefits of our multiplex technology are the following:

  • Precise, quick and cost-effective results
  • Highly flexible assay design
  • The possibility to measure kinetics
  • Fully automated assay procedure
  • Unprecedented ease of use for microarray assays