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QuantiGene® ViewRNA Assay
QuantiGene® ViewRNA Assay Platform - Take your research to the next level with RNA in situ hybridization assays. QuantiGene Vi...

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Lauryl Maltose Neopentyl Glycol
The new Anatrace Neopentyl Glycol (NG) class detergents are revolutionary new amphiphiles. NG class detergents are a more effectiv...

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Heavy Atom Detergents
Affymetrix offer Anatrace Heavy Atom Detergents which includes both fully (perdeuterated) and semi-deuterated detergents. Deuterated deterg...

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Amphipol A8-35
Amphipols are a new class of polymers that serve as stabilizers of membrane proteins in aqueous solutions. Amphipol A835 detergents can be ...

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Fos-Choline Detergents are extremely helpful in refolding membrane proteins for NMR studies and are useful for the stabilizing proteins dur...

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Company Profile

Affymetrix is adding new genetic analysis technologies to streamline workflows and help you revolutionize life

After pioneering the microarray technology used to publish more than 20,000 scientific papers, Affymetrix is evolving into a provider of scalable, innovative genomic analysis tools and reagents for discovery, exploration, validation, and genetic testing. The acquisitions of Panomics and USB bring high-throughput, multi- to single-gene assays and premium-value molecular biology reagents to our customers, enabling a complete solution for genome-wide analysis studies and a range of products for cellular and protein analysis studies.

Researchers around the world use Affymetrix technologies to better understand the role that genes play in disease, the effectiveness and safety of therapies, and many other biological factors that affect human well-being. Affymetrix microarray technology has been used to make groundbreaking discoveries to help the scientific and medical communities investigate conditions such as infertility, HIV, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, malaria, cancer, and many others. Our mission is to revolutionize how the world benefits from genetic information.

Affymetrix contributed significantly to the formation of today's genetic analysis markets, and we will continue to drive the genomics revolution with a single-minded vision: to help all individuals benefit from understanding their own DNA.