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MB3000 FT-IR Laboratory Analyzer
The ABB MB3000 is the most reliable FT-IR laboratory analyzer in the market with the lowest cost of ownership. Combined with the...

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MB3600 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer f...
High-performance FT-NIR Analyzer specifically designed for QA/QC The MB3600 is the most versatile FT-NIR analyzer in the ma...

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MB-Rx In-Situ Reaction Monitor
Analyzer for In-Situ Reaction Monitoring The MB-Rx In-Situ Reaction Monitor is a plug-and-play solution designed for research labora...

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The MB3000-PH is a high performance and versatile FT-IR spectrometer for the pharmaceutical industry. The result of more than 40 years ex...

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MB3600-CH10 Oleochemicals Laborator...
The MB3600-CH10 is an FT-NIR analyzer for Oleochemicals applications. This analyzer is pre-calibrated for Iodine Value and % Trans Fat su...

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Company Profile

Founded in 1973, ABB Analytical Measurements (formerly Bomem Inc) designs, manufactures and markets high-performance, FT-IR / FT-NIR spectrometers as well as turnkey analytical solutions for Petroleum, Chemical, Life Sciences, Semiconductor, Academic, Metallurgy, OEM industries and spectroradiometers for Remote Sensing/Aerospace market. ABB capabilities encompass one of the largest portfolios in the world for laboratory, at-line and process FT-IR/FT-NIR analyzers. They perform real-time analysis of the chemical composition and/or physical properties of a process sample stream. ABB’s advanced solutions combine analyzers, advanced process control, data management, process and application knowledge to improve the operational performance, productivity, capacity and safety of industrial processes for customers while lowering environmental impact.