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Cool-Lock™ GC Installation Nut for Agilent/HP GC...  
Easy, Painless GC Column Installation No fuss. No headaches. The Phenomenex Cool-Lock GC nut allows for the easy installation of columns while preventing your hands from being burned. The...
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Easy Seals™  
Phenomenex Easy Seals™ make a tight seal without the need to apply high torque. These seals eliminate the need to use a washer and reduce breakdown and adsorption of active compounds, such...
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GC Accessories  
From inlet to detector, Phenomenex provides a large supply of GC accessories, including liners, ferrules, septa, installation nuts, gas traps and purification, column connectors, inlet base...
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Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction  
Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) (patent pending) 96-well plates and tubes are a FASTER, EASIER, and MORE RELIABLE way to perform liquid-liquid extractions. Novum™ SLE will...
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Phenogel™ Organic GPC Columns  
Phenogel™ Gel Permeation Chromatography Columns for size exclusion are available in seven different pore sizes ranging from 50 Å to 10 6 Å, and a linear bed configuration. Pore size...
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Rezex Ion-Exclusion Columns for Sugar, Organic A...  

5 out of 5

Rezex™ columns achieve separations based on multiple modes of interaction including ion-exchange, ion-exclusion, size exclusion, reversed phase, and partition. From drug formulation...
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Zebron™ Cyano-Dimethylpolysiloxane GC Colu...  
Wide variety of general purpose columns for use with many application types, including ZB-624, ZB-1701, and ZB-1701P.
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Zebron™ HT Inferno™ GC Columns  
Zebron™ Inferno columns are the world's first non-metal GC columns stable to 430°C. They utilize both a new polyimide resin coating material and a new bonding process to provide this...
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Zebron™ Phenyl-Dimethylpolysiloxane GC Col...  
Wide variety of general purpose columns for use with many application types, including ZB-1, ZB-5, ZB-35, ZB-50, and additional phases.
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Zebron™ Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) GC Colum...  
Wide variety of general purpose columns for use with many application types, including ZB-WAX, AB-WAXplus, and ZB-FFAP.
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Zebron™ ZB-5ms GC Columns  
Arylene Matrix Technology™ (AMT) provides a highly stable arylene phase for enhanced resolution of PAHs and multi-ring aromatic compounds Low bleed (MS certified) especially suited...
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Zebron™ ZB-Bioethanol GC Columns  
Specially designed for fast, reproducible, and accurate Bioethanol analysis Resolve methanol and ethanol from all other denaturant peaks Great resolution of fuel alcohols
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Zebron™ ZB-Drug-1 GC Columns  
Optimized phase for the separation of drug of abuses Provides fast analysis with great peak shape Improves resolution of target analytes from matrix interferences Specially deactivated to...
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Zebron™ ZB-MultiResidue 1 & 2 GC Columns  
A New Generation of Columns for Pesticide Analysis Proprietary phase specially designed for the separation of all types of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides When used in parallel...
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Zebron™ ZB-XLB GC Columns  
Zebron ™ ZB-XLB-HT is a phenyl-si-arylene bonded phase that can withstand temperatures up to 400˚ C, enabling analyses of compounds with high molecular weights and boiling points.
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Zebron™ ZB-1XT SimDist Metal GC Columns  
The Zebron™ ZB-1XT SimDist metal GC column is specially designed for simulated distillation analyses in petrochemical applications. It features Phenomenex’s unique Glass Infusion™...
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