Morphologi G3-ID: Using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy to Characterize Protein Aggregates in Suspension and on a Filter Membrane
28 August 2015

The addition of Raman spectroscopy to an automated microscopy system provides a robust primary identification method for the verification of particle chemistry, and together the techniques offer the potential to enumerate, characterize, and identify particulates in native formulations, as well as those immobilized on a filter substrate. The Morphologi G3-ID, a hybrid optical microscope-Raman spectrometer from Malvern Instruments, provides the imaging power of a high-resolution optical microscope with the chemical identification capabilities of a benchtop Raman spectrometer, and is completely automatable. This application note explores the use of the Morphologi G3-ID for Morphologically-Directed Raman spectroscopy (MDRS) to identify and analyze contaminants including protein aggregates present in a stressed sample of lysozyme, and to compare particles held in suspension within a thin path wet cell with those collected on a filter membrane.