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Liquid Crystal Tuneable Optical Filter  

Meadowlark Optics’ Liquid Crystal Tuneable Optical Filters facilitate spectral analysis of not only a collimated beam, but of an entire object. With no moving parts, a resolution down to...
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AMH-200 Series (Metal Halide)  

The AMH-200 is a 200 Watt DC stabilized metal halide light source with 2200 hours lamp life Support from Andor iQ and 3rd party software make this a flexible and efficient source for a...
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Shamrock 163 Spectrographs  

The Shamrock 163i offers the best price performance imaging and non-imaging spectrograph solutions on the market. The Shamrock 163i is offered in either an imaging version (SR-163i) or a...
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Biochrom Libra Spectrophotometer Accessories  

Accessories for Libra S4 and S6 80-2115-39 Venturi action funnel flow cell 80-3002-53 Serial printer and serial printer cable 80-2117-47 Test tube adapters (10, 12, 16mm) 80-3003-55...
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Biochrom WPA Accessories  

CO7000/CO7500/CO8000 accessories 80-3000-55 Spare lamp, CO 7000L 80-3000-56 Spare filter set, CO 7000F 80-3000-59 Spare lamp, CO 7500L 80-3000-58 Spare filter set, CO 7500F ...
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OptoScan Monochromator  

The Optoscan monochromator from Cairn Research is the only instrument of its type to offer control of both centre-wavelength and bandwidth with millisecond time resolution. Combined...
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S2D2 High Power UV Fibre Light Source  

The L10671 is a compact UV-VIS fiber light source with a S2D2 (Stable and Smal Deuterium) lamp. It offers high radiant power and high stability. Its compact size makes it ideal for portable...
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CCD multichannel detector head C7040 & C7041  

5 out of 5

C7040 & C7041 are high sensitivity multichannel detector heads for use with black-thinned FFT-CDD image sensors that offer high UV sensitivity and quantum efficiency.
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LOT - Oriel offer a complete range of spectrosco...  

Now with a 3 year warranty on all our light sources! LOT -Oriel offer a complete range of spectroscopy instrumentation including:- · Light Sources from 50 to 1000 watts ·...
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Hyperspectral Imaging System for medical  and bio-sciences, physics and chemistry.  Mounts on a microscope as an accessory for characterizing sub-micron objects and generating spectgral...
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Atomax™ 1.5” Single-Element Hollow Cathode Lamps...  

New Atomax1.5" hollow cathode lamps are crafted to the same high standards that have made PerkinElmer 2" Lumina™ hollow cathode lamps the best in the industry. Drawing on more than 40 years...
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Hollow Cathode Lamps for most Atomic Absorption ...  

Hollow Cathode Lamps for most Atomic Absorption Systems Select your lamps from our new interactive website at www.labhut.c
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UVL-Hi - Ultra-Violet Source  

The UVL-Hi is an ultra-violet source suitable for surface analysis applications such as ultra-violet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS). Product detail: Small spot size - typically 1.5...
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