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MaxiLute™ 48-well SPE system  
Porvair Sciences Ltd

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The new MaxiLute™ 48-well Solid Phase Extraction system is designed to bring the benefits of microplate technology to drug development, food and environmental laboratories currently using...
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SampliQ QuEChERS Kits  
Agilent Technologies

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QuEChERS stands for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe all qualities that describe this sample prep method for food. In a few simple steps, you can prepare your food samples for...
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DisQuE Quechers, AOAC Method Sample Preparation Kit, P...  

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DisQuE Dispersive Sample Preparation used for QUECHERS Method AOAC Method 2007.01. The kit consists of 100 units each of salt pouches, empty 50mL centrifuge tubes and clean-up tubes. Each...
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96-well SPE MD (Method Development) Plate  

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BAN, configured for extracting basic, acidic, and neutral compounds (BAN), bed wt. 25 mg/well, pk of 1 General description Supelco 96-well SPE Method Development Plates contain an...
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Tumor Suppressor Sampler Kit  
BD Biosciences

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The development of cancer is a multi-step process involving DNA alterations, oncogene activation, and/or the inactivation/deletion of an anti-onocogene or tumor suppressor. Tumor...
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CHROMABOND® and CHROMAFIX® method development kits  

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If you do not know the behavior of your samples in solid phase extraction, or if you want to optimise the extraction procedure, we recommend MACHEREY-NAGEL method development kits. For...
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SCX SpinTips Sample Prep Kit  
Protea Biosciences Group, Inc

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The SCX SpinTips Sample Prep Kit contains tips and reagents for strong cationic exchange solid phase extraction of protein and peptide samples for electrospray or MALDI mass spectrometry.
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QUECHERS – SiliaQuick™  
SiliCycle Inc.

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There is a growing need for applications in food and environmental areas able to cope with the analysis of a large number of analytes in very complex matrices. New analytical procedures...
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