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Affymetrix Adds New Tools for Targeted Genotyping Market to Accelerate Disease Studies26 May 2011Read
Randox Laboratories Release a Ground-Breaking Biochip Analyser for Onsite Drug Testing26 May 2011Read
Fast Dynamic Array™ IFC for Ag-Bio & Genotyping Studies26 May 2011Read
Optibrium Announces Free Models to Predict Toxicity of Compounds26 May 2011Read
SelectScience Welcomes Chris Rew25 May 2011Read
Fluidigm Launches Low-Cost Assays and Target-Specific Primers17 May 2011Read
Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology 2011 - Call for entries!21 Apr 2011Read
The Scientists’ Choice Awards Winners are Announced!6 Apr 2011Read
A New Direction With Bold Solutions28 Mar 2011Read
Launch of the New VACUSIP Bench Top Aspiration Waste Removal System28 Mar 2011Read

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