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Tube Roller  

Simultaneous rolling and tilting movements ensures thorough mixing. The tube roller is built for continuous operation and is suitable for applications such as hybridisation. The sturdy...
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An economical vortex for quick and convenient mixing of small sample volumes. Supplied with a universal cup for tubes or vessels up to 30 mm, the vortex also has a range of accessories...
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Vortex IR  

The Vortex IR incorporates an optional infrared (IR) motion detector which ­automatically starts the vibration when a tube crosses the sensor field. The variable vibration speed...
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Vortex Mixer (Adjustable Speed Models)  

Features: 1.New vortex shaker suitable for touch operation and Continuous operation 2.Wide speed range: 0-2500rpm/min, stepless speed regulation of motor 3.Multiple interchangeable...
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PRO’s complete line of hand-held, post-mounted and programmable homogenizers meet all your processing needs with the ability to homogenize various volumes (.03ml to 40L) at speeds of up to...
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Tornado IS6  

The Tornado IS6 facilitates powerful, controlled mechanical stirring of up to six round bottomed flasks with the Carousel 6 Reaction Station Powerful and productive... Designed...
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Low-profile roller, Stovall  

1 out of 5

Weather-proof roller operates on benchtop, in dry or humid incubators, in cold rooms to 0°C, and even in ovens to 65°C. Use for cell culture with standard roller bottles and in filter...
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VM3000 Vortex Mixer  

With compact and stable design as well as extreme user-friendliness, the VM3000 Vortex Mixer is a must-have in every labs. At lower mixing frequency, the mixer can be used for gentle mixing...
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