Traditional Chinese Medicine: HPLC Applications Notebook
20 Oct 2014

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000 platform is the most complete liquid chromatography (LC) solution provided by a single chromatography powerhouse. All UltiMate 3000 systems are UHPLC compatible by design, and provide the market-leading system solution to all users, all laboratories and all analytes. The advanced workflow automation and software solutions boost productivity and ease-of-use of your UltiMate 3000 LC systems beyond traditional concepts. Dual gradient pump technology allows LC workflow automation and unmatched productivity, while all pumps have an exceptional flow-pressure footprint for maximum column diameter flexibility. Thermo Scientific™ also produces a highly productive Dionex™ Chromeleon™ chromatography data system (CDS) and MS software for use with the UltiMate systems.

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Ultra-Fast UV/Vis Spectrum Analysis Optimizes Chemical Reactions on a Microplate Reader UV-visible-NIR, UV22 Sep 2014Read
Comparison of Ionization Techniques for the Analysis of Trace-Level Pyrethroid Insecticides by GC-MS/MS Mass Spectrometry, electrospray ionization19 Sep 2014Read
Determination of Carbaryl in Drinking Water Using Automated SPE and the Atlantic™ C18 Disk solid phase extraction19 Sep 2014Read
Identification of Off-Odours in Wine Using TargetView GC–MS Software wine analysis, Mass Spectrometry19 Sep 2014Read
Monitoring Organic Vapors in air – A Comparison of Thermal Desorption and Carbon Disulfide (CS2) Extraction air sampling, VOC monitoring, thermal desorption19 Sep 2014Read
Fenceline and Ambient Monitoring of Benzene and Other Hydrocarbons using Diffusive Sampling and TD Analysis air sampling, VOC monitoring, benzene19 Sep 2014Read
Extraction of Labile Enzymes from Gram-Positive Bacteria with the FastPrep System bacteria, enzymes19 Sep 2014Read
Selective Analysis of Patulin in Apple Juice Using the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System with the ACQUITY QDa Detector mycotoxin, Mass Spectrometry, beverage analysis19 Sep 2014Read
Selective Quantitative Determination of Water Soluble Vitamins in Various Food Matrices Using the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System and ACQUITY QDa Detector food additives, food testing, vitamins19 Sep 2014Read
Analysis of Flavonoids in Juices with the ACQUITY QDa Detector flavonoids, beverage analysis19 Sep 2014Read

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