Determination of Deoxynivalenol in Shredded Wheat Cereal using Automated Solid Phase Extraction with Immunoaffinity Cartridges
16 Sep 2014

Deoxynivalenol is a common mycotoxin found in agricultural grain crops and final consumer processed products. In this application, a sample of shredded wheat cereal is tested for the presence of deoxynivalenol and spiked at the European Union legislation level of 200 μg/kg for recovery. A simple automation of the SPE process using the DONtest WB immunoaffinity cartridges is implemented using the SmartPrep® Extractor, followed by evaporation with the XcelVap®. Final quantitation calculated from recovery results show that using immunoaffinity cartridges can be efficiency automated and pass the EU performance criteria.

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Determination of Deoxynivalenol in Shredded Wheat Cereal using Automated Solid Phase Extraction with Immunoaffinity Cartridges agriculture, food safety, mycotoxin4 Sep 2014Read
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