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SPE-DEX® 3000XL Extractor System  

SPE-DEX® 3000XL "Oil & Grease Machine" The SPE-DEX® 3000XL Extractor automates EPA Method 1664A, and provides an alternative to expensive, labor-intensive LLE methods for extracting...
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Speed-Vap™ III  

Speed-Vap™ III Solvent Evaporation System The Speed-Vap™ III Solvent Evaporation System provides safe and fast evaporation of n-hexane solvent for oil and grease extractions. A vortex...
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Thermo Scientific™ Rocket™ Evaporator system  

Concentrate or dry large-volume samples rapidly and in parallel using the automated Thermo Scientific™ Rocket™ Evaporator System. Minimize cross-contamination and sample loss by...
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Solvent Trap™  

Solvent Trap™ Recovery System The Horizon Technology Solvent Trap™ recovery system captures up to 70% of the n-hexane solvent vapor from EPA Method 1664A Oil & Grease extractions,...
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SPE-DEX® 3100 Extractor for Oil & Grease analysis  

Oil and grease ((hexane extractables) is a general indicator of the amount of hydrocarbon in a water supply. It is used around the world to indicate pollution and to help ensure reliable...
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Speed-Vap® IV Evaporation System  

Speed-Vap IV is an improved evaporator for use in oil and grease sample preparation for gravimetric measurement. The new evaporator includes a timer and chime to make it easier to know...
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Ultravap Levante  

The Ultravap Levante™ is  the latest in Porvair Sciences’ popular series of nitrogen blow-down sample concentrators and evaporators. Using technology from the...
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Vortex Vacuum Concentrator  

The Hettich Vortex Vacuum Concentrator has the ability to remove solvents faster than conventional centrifugal evaporators. With its large stainless steel sample chamber and adjustable...
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The HT-8 Series II system was designed to provide the ideal solution for evaporation bottlenecks in the drug discovery laboratory. The system's high performance and high sample capacities...
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SuperCool 75 Condenser  

The demand for a more powerful and colder condenser has naturally arisen as the boundaries of evaporation science are pushed further and further. Users increasingly regard as critical the...
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