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AxION Sample Manager  
A single step to sample preparation and injection…Introducing samples into your gas chromatograph can now be done quickly, easily and without tedious manual preparation using the...
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Sample Preparation Block Systems and Supplies  
PerkinElmer Analytical Sample Preparation Blocks for Environmental Analysis PerkinElmer provides a variety of sample preparation blocks and accessories for your laboratory needs.
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TurboMatrix 650 ATD  
Incorporates PPC for enhanced ease-of-use, functionality and performance in an automated sample-tube handling system for unattended analysis of up to 50 samples. Concurrent desorption of...
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Cellular Protein Fractionation Kit  
Sequential Enrichment of Subcellular Compartments The Cellular Protein Fractionation Kit provides differential protein extraction according to subcellular localization. It can be used...
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Colony Plaque Screen Charged Membrane Disks  
Colony/Plaque Screen™ Neutral Nylon Membranes are discs of GeneScreen™ membrane, precut for use in plaque hybridization protocols and bacterial colony screenings, with chemiluminescent or...
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Colony Plaque Screen Neutral Membrane Disks  
These disks of GeneScreen membrane are precut for use in plaque hybridization protocols and bacterial colony screenings. Able to withstand rough treatment, they won't shrink, crack,...
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GeneScreen Neutral  
Choose GeneScreen Neutral Nylon Membranes for: Chemiluminescent and chromogenic techniques Lower background in chemiluminescent and chromogenic systems Quick crosslinking - only two...
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GeneScreen Plus  
GeneScreen Plus Charged Nylon Membranes are the the best choice for radiometric techniques. The positive charge creates a very strong bond, so there is no need to fix nucleic acids to the...
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