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PowderSafe Type B Enclosures  

AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ Type B enclosures usher in a new era of powder weighing and containment technology. Precise airflow control is achieved with the AirSafe™ automatic safety...
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Erlab Glove Bag  

Easily set up a controlled environment wherever you need it. The pyramid glove bag is light-weight and portable. For user protection and materials handling/storage in the lab or in the...
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GE Healthcare's Benchkote and Benchkote  

GE Healthcare's Benchkote and Benchkote Plus Benchkote is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The paper side quickly...
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Purifier Non-Ventilated Tissue Culture Enclosures  

Purifier Tissue Culture Enclosures provide an enclosed non-ventilated work space for applications such as culture manipulation of non-hazardous samples. Because these enclosures do...
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XPert Enclosures  

The XPert line of balance and bulk powder enclosures provides user protection by keeping powders, particulates and fumes contained during weighing procedures. Patented (U.S. Patent No.
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XPert Nano Enclosures  

XPert Nano Enclosures provide user protection by keeping hazardous powders and particulates contained during procedures such as nanoparticle manipulation and dry powder chemical handling. ...
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