Automation of Assay Optimization Studies: Efficient and Rapid Set-Up for a Wide Range of Biological Applications
22 Oct 2014

Assay optimization requires the simultaneous study of multiple parameters to maximize assay performance. As a result, the determination of the optimal conditions can be a costly and time consuming process requiring the set-up of multiple studies to analyze each individual parameter. Often, such studies are limited by manual pipetting. TTP Labtech’s dragonfly is a compact, affordable addition to assay optimization workflows. It provides rapid non-contact dispensing where each tip can dispense any volume into any well with no cross-contamination. This eliminates the tedium and complication of plate set-up in matrix optimization assays, ensuring repeatable and reliable results. The dragonfly assay optimizer applies TTP Labtech’s positive displacement disposable tip pipetting technology for non-contact dispensing. With intuitive software it is easy to set up a range of combinatorial biological assays across a wide range of volumes (0.5 μL to 4 mL) and plate types. dragonfly is available with either 5 or 10 pipetting heads, with completely independent X, Y and volume control for each individual channel.

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