RNAi Assays

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Source BioScience Clones  
Source BioScience

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With over 20 million pre-made clones representing nearly every known gene for most common organisms, Source BioScience are your perfect partner for quick and easy solutions for gene and...
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Trilencer-27 - Guaranteed Knockdown for siRNA Gene Sil...  

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Genomewide coverage against human, mouse and rat   Trilencer-27 - Guaranteed Knockdown for siRNA Gene Silencing contains Dicer-Substrate duplexes that provide two critical...
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KDalert™ GAPDH Assay Kit  
Applied Biosystems

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Obtain a reliable measure of GAPDH enzyme activity in cultured human, mouse, or rat cells in less than 30 minutes using a microplate fluorometer.
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Screening Dicer-substrate RNAi  
Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.

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Ideal for small scale in vitro applications, screening DsiRNA duplex pricing includes affinity purification. In addition, each duplex is identified by ESI mass spectrometry. Mass...
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MISSION® LentiExpress™ Human Kinase shRNA Set  

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MISSION® LentiExpress™ Human Kinase shRNA Set from Sigma-Aldrich Protein kinases are among the largest and most well studied gene families. Protein phosphorylation plays an essential...
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