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AST-100Ink™ Viscometer  

The AST-Ink is the only viscometer of its kind with accessible core. This rugged, no moving parts viscometer is designed to perform day after day under the extreme demands of the printing,...
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BF35™ Viscometer  

With it's conventional oilfield rotor, bob and torsion spring, maintaining rheology history and reproducibility between instruments is easy with the BF35 Viscometer The BF35 maintains...
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CAP 1000+™ Viscometer  

Cone & Plate System that's perfect for Q.C. The CAP 1000+ Viscometer is a compact, heavy-duty instrument that is ideal for fast, easy, repetitive testing on the production floor...
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CAP 2000+™ Viscometer  

Brookfield's CAP-2000+ offers expanded temperature and viscosity ranges with variable speed capability. It has lower shear rates, making it suitable for many applications where...
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Dial Reading Viscometer  

The original Brookfield Dial Reading Viscometer is the lab standard used around the world. Now it's improved with a multi-speed electronic drive and ergonomically designed speed control...
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DV2T EXTRA Touch Screen Viscometer  

Our most popular viscometer with lots of "extras" built-in The "EXTRA" … combines the versatile viscosity testing capabilities of the DV2T with a durable and easy viscosity...
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DV3T™ Rheometer  

DV3T™ Rheometer -the all-in-one tool for measuring viscosity and yield stress A 7-inch full color touch screen conveniently displays all test parameters along with measured values for...
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DV-E™ Viscometer  

5 out of 5

The DV-E combines economy and ease of operation with traditional Brookfield excellence. The Brookfield DV-E has set a world standard for value in viscosity measurement. Simplified...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 4 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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Falling Ball Viscometer  

Falling Ball Viscometer - Newtonian measurements made simply and easy! The Falling Ball Viscometer is based on the Höppler principle which is used to measure the viscosity of...
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KU-2™ Viscometer  

Brookfield's KU-2 Viscometer offers a completely digital calculating Krebs Unit Instrument with all the reliability you'd expect in Brookfield instrumentation and with relative centipoises...
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PVS™ Rheometer  

The PVS is a dynamic coaxial cylinder, controlled shear rate rheometer allowing quick and easy viscosity measurements under pressure at temperatures where sample boil-off is a problem. ...
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RC-1 Plus™ Portable Rheometer  

Brookfield RS Portable Rheometer produces measurements in the lab or in the field. This unit is a dynamic, rotational instrument capable of viscosity, yield stress and creep measurements.
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TT100™ Viscometer  

Brookfield's TT-100 In-Line Viscometer is designed to provide years of trouble-free service in closed loop systems which require constant monitoring and associated control of product...
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Wells/Brookfield™ Cone & Plate  

The Wells-Brookfield Cone/Plate Viscometer/Rheometer gives researchers a sophisticated instrument for routinely determining absolute viscosity of fluids in small sample volumes. Its cone...
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Viscosity measuring system PVS  

Modular concept for viscosity measuring instruments: The LAUDA PVS With the modular concept of the Processor viscosity measuring system PVS 1, measuring routines can be performed...
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Innovative microfluidic rheometry for industrial applications. The Malvern m-VROCi utilizes unique microfluidic viscometer / rheometer on a chip technology to provide high resolution...
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AVSPro Automatic Sampler  

The AVSPro automatic sampler is a fully automated measuring instrument for determining the viscosity of Newtonian fluids with capillary viscometers. In spite of the high sample throughput,...
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Capillary Viscometers  

Innovative capillary viscometry – from the outset The viscosity of Newtonian fluids can be most precisely determined using capillary viscometers. This method of measurement,...
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Transparent thermostats - CT series  

High temperature constancy and visual observation Transparent thermostats manufactured by SCHOTT Instruments have been specially designed to measure the viscosity of Newtonian...
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ViscoClock: Time-measurement unit for viscosity ...  

The ViscoClock is the economically priced introductory model in the field of automatic viscosity measurements. Manual measurements with a stopwatch and a trained eye is therefore something...
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ViscoSystem® AVS 470  

That’s New: “Suction” and “Pressure” Measurement s With Just One Instrument, No need for a PC The ViscoSystem® AVS 470 is the first viscosity measuring device that allows...
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ViscoSystem® AVS 370  

Anyone working with the ViscoSystem® AVS 370 is per fectly equipped for all tasks involved in determining viscosity using capillary viscometers. How to automatically achieve the right...
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HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ Rheometer  

Measure and analyze the rheological properties of a wide range of different samples. Increase efficiency and minimize the risk of operator errors. With the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™...
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HAAKE MARS Rheometer  

Reliable and accurate rheological measurements Modular rheometer solutions due to individual application requirements in different industries User-friendly system from...
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