Liquid Dispensing

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DOSE IT - Peristaltic Pump  

DOSE IT – Smart and compact liquid handling The peristaltic pump DOSE IT makes dispensing of culture media, buffers and other solutions easy and efficient. Forget about complicated...
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Cavro® XCalibur Pump  

Cavro® XCalibur Pump (XC Pump) is a Compact High Performance 30mm stroke OEM Syringe Pump • Compact dimensions allow optimum use of space • Robustness and reliability results in long...
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Cavro® XLP Pump  

3 out of 5

The most versatile 60mm stroke OEM syringe pump • More flexibility with wide range of syringe volumes and valve options • Robust and reliable workhorse • Easy to integrate The ...
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  • Ease of use 3 out of 5
  • After sales service 3 out of 5
  • Value for money 3 out of 5

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Cavro® Multi-Channel Pump (XMP)  

Cavro® XMP 6000 Multi-Channel Pump The economical solution for parallel pipetting • Increased throughput using multi-channel configuration • Economical use of space • Robustness and...
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Verderflex Aura Dosing Tube Pump  

Introducing the Verderflex Aura, a low flow, high pressure dosing tube pump. Specifically designed to offer high performance in the smallest of packages, this pump is ideal for...
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Verderflex Economy Variable Speed Dosing Cased P...  

The Verdergear range of gear pumps are positive displacement rotary pumps. The range is designed to give a smooth non-pulsating flow in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. They...
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Verderflex Smart Programmable Tube Pump  

Verderflex Smart tube pumps are easy to use, programmable tube pumps than can pump up to 27 l/min (428 US GPH) at pressures up to 2 Bar (29 PSI). The easy to use Verderflex Smart tube...
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QIAvac 96  

QIAvac 96. For vacuum-driven processing of 96-well plates. Kit contents: Vacuum manifold for processing QIAGEN 96-well plates: includes QIAvac 96 Top Plate, Base, Waste Tray, Plate Holder,...
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QIAvac Luer Adapter Set  

QIAvac Accessories. For use with QIAvac vacuum manifolds. Kit contents: For processing 1-24 QIAGEN spin columns on QIAvac 6S (no longer available): 6 adapters with 4 luer connectors each,...
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VacConnectors (500)  

QIAvac Accessories. For use with QIAvac vacuum manifolds. Kit contents: 500 disposable connectors for use with QIAamp spin columns on luer connectors. Benefits: Increase convenience of use
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Vacuum Regulator  

For monitoring and adjusting vacuum pressure, suitable for use with all QIAvac manifolds . Kit contents: For use with QIAvac manifolds. Benefits: Easy monitoring and adjustment of the...
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Pumps for Filtration  

Pumps used for filtration. Choose from a broad range of universal pumps and manual pumps over laboratory vacuum pumps to peristaltic pumps.
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AD3050 Aspirate and Dispense Platform  

The AD3050 is a table top work station designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing to a biosensor card or membrane. Its compact footprint and up to four BioJet Plus Pumps makes it...
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Model PiP Precision Dilutor  

PiP Pumps micro π-petter - Pipetting, Syringing and Diluting Ideal for repetitive and volumetric dispensing of acids, solvents and aqueous solutions. Model "PiP" Precision...
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Model QD High Flow Metering Pump  

QD High Speed - High Flows Metering Pump - For General Lab and Industrial Use Equipped with a rugged high speed TEFC motor these general Lab and Industrial pumps handle a wild variety...
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Model QDX Hazardous-Duty High Flow Metering Pump  

The QDX High Flow Hazardous Duty pump is designed for use in commercial, industrial, and laboratory hazardous applications. FMI Metering pumps and dispensers offer a high degree of...
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Model QG Low Flow Metering Pump  

Equipped with a rugged high speed TEFC motor, the QG pumps are the ideal fit for General Lab and Industrial Use. Model QG Low Flow Metering Pump Features: A choice of five...
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Model STH & STQ High Precision OEM Dispensers/Pu...  

Ideal for Medical, Analytical, & OEM Instrumentation Applications. Fluid Metering "OEM" line of Miniature dispensers and metering pumps offers a high level of precision, accuracy and...
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PDS100 Programmable Dispensing System  

The PDS-100 is a Programmable Dispensing System which uses precision stepper motors to control FMI “Q” and “RH” pump models including STQP, STQ, STH, & STRH in all piston sizes. The FMI...
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Ratio:Matic Proportional Dual Head Metering Pump  

Variable speed duplex pumps including versatile V300 Controller for easy integration with production and process controls. Dual Head Pump ideal to deliver two liquids at a fixed or...
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RHB Direct Current Pumps  

The Standard pump for Agricultural Spraying, Mosquito Control, Medical Application and Fuel Cell. RHB Direct Current Pumps Features: 12, 24, 90 VDC motors with close-coupled...
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Ismatec® Reglo ICC Peristaltic Pump  

The independent-channel operation of this pump simultaneously doses up to three different cell culture lines with various reagents or concentrations without need to stop, reload, clean or...
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LAMBDA Doser  

The LAMBDA DOSER is a unique programmable pump for free-flowing solid substances. It allows the automatic or continuous addition of powders, powdery and crystalline substances without a...
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Peristaltic Pumps  

LAMBDA PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW and MAXIFLOW peristaltic pumps have been developed for continuous cultures as the result of twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the...
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