Constant Pressure

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Verderflex Smart Programmable Tube Pump  

Verderflex Smart tube pumps are easy to use, programmable tube pumps than can pump up to 27 l/min (428 US GPH) at pressures up to 2 Bar (29 PSI). The easy to use Verderflex Smart tube...
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Pumps for Filtration  

Pumps used for filtration. Choose from a broad range of universal pumps and manual pumps over laboratory vacuum pumps to peristaltic pumps.
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Bartels Mikrotechnik Micropump mp6  

From Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH, the Micropump Mp6 offers no space for compromises.  The mp6 is the smallest serial produced piezoelectric diaphragm pump made from plastic on...
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QuikSip™ BT-Aspirator  

The QuikSip™ bottletop aspirator from BRAND is designed for safe and fast aspiration of common laboratory liquids used in biology, food chemistry and medicine. The innovative design...
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SP 5000 Series Pump  

The Quizix Q5000 Pump System provides continuous, pulse-free fluid flow even at very high pressures. The Q5000 Pump Systems has become the industry standard for core analysis and other...
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Model QD High Flow Metering Pump  

QD High Speed - High Flows Metering Pump - For General Lab and Industrial Use Equipped with a rugged high speed TEFC motor these general Lab and Industrial pumps handle a wild variety...
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Model QDX Hazardous-Duty High Flow Metering Pump  

The QDX High Flow Hazardous Duty pump is designed for use in commercial, industrial, and laboratory hazardous applications. FMI Metering pumps and dispensers offer a high degree of...
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Model QG Low Flow Metering Pump  

Equipped with a rugged high speed TEFC motor, the QG pumps are the ideal fit for General Lab and Industrial Use. Model QG Low Flow Metering Pump Features: A choice of five...
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Cheminert® M Series Liquid Handling Pump  

4 out of 5

The patented Cheminert® M Series liquid handling pump is a syringe-free pump capable of delivering a bidirectional flow over six orders of magnitude. The M Series is a positive...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 3 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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