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MultiPep RS  

The MultiPep RS is an automated multiple peptide synthesizer based on a pipetting robot operated by a dedicated PC software. Synthesis is being performed in 96 well filter plates, in...
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ResPep SL  

The ResPep SL is a fully automated tabletop peptide synthesizer. The chemistry is optimized for Fmoc-based peptide synthesis with standard activation by PyBOP, HBTU, DIC/HOBt or a similar...
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Library Construction - Sample Preparation  

Agilent reagents enable the scientist  to quickly and easily purify and analyze a wide range of nucleic acidsDNA, RNA, gDNA, mRNA, miRNA, plasmid DNAfrom virtually any kind of sample for...
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Fluorinated Amino Acids  

New from Agtcbioproducts: Bio Integration Technology, Inc. Is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing new chiral molecules for for Drug Discovery. There products include...
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Fmoc-L amino acids  

Fmoc-L amino acids Listing of most commonly used Fmoc-L amino acids (see individual product details for pricing, Kilo amounts are available, price on application) For a full listing of...
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Peptide Synthesis Reagents and Solvents  

Peptide Synthesis Reagents and Solvents Amino acid derivatives (FMOC's BOC's etc), linkers, resins (WANG, TentaGel etc)and solvents (n-methyl pyrolidone NMP, Dimethyl formamide DMF,...
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The following pages contain an extensive range of commonly used peptides available from stock. If you can not see what you require in our inventory why not let us quote you for the...
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Solvents for Peptide synthesis  

Solvents for Peptide synthesis We have a comprehensive range of solvents for solid phase peptide synthesis. All of our solvents have been purified to the highest standards necessary to...
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Initiator+ Alstra  

Microwave irradiation is still the most effective solution for providing a fast, precise and efficient heating method for synthesizing peptides, peptoids, PNA and peptidomimetics with...
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MultiPep CF  

The MultiPep CF is a fully automated peptide synthesizer with a unique column module that allows the synthesis of long and difficult sequences. During the synthesis, reagents are...
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MultiPep RSi  

The MultiPep RSi is a fully automated high throughput multiple peptide synthesizer based on a pipetting robot. Utilizing exchangeable modules, the MultiPep RSi can be configured to...
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