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MultiPep RS  
The MultiPep RS is an automated multiple peptide synthesizer based on a pipetting robot operated by a dedicated PC software. Synthesis is being performed in 96 well filter plates, in...
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ResPep SL  
The ResPep SL is a fully automated tabletop peptide synthesizer. The chemistry is optimized for Fmoc-based peptide synthesis with standard activation by PyBOP, HBTU, DIC/HOBt or a similar...
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MultiPep CF  
The MultiPep CF is a fully automated peptide synthesizer with a unique column module that allows the synthesis of long and difficult sequences. During the synthesis, reagents are...
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MultiPep RSi  
The MultiPep RSi is a fully automated high throughput multiple peptide synthesizer based on a pipetting robot. Utilizing exchangeable modules, the MultiPep RSi can be configured to...
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