Use of the Contichrom® Platform in Discovery and Life Science Research
20 Oct 2014

In shotgun proteomics, extensive front-end separation is essential to alleviate the problem of peptide undersampling, to maximize protein identifications and to tackle the vast dynamic range. Currently, multidimensional LC-MS/MS analysis of enzyme digested proteins is used as a standard technique to reduce sample complexity. An alternative to multidimensional chromatography is the use of a mass spectrometer with sufficient resolution and peak capacity to handle the complexity of the mixture with only a single dimension of chromatographic separation. A downside to this approach is its cost, complexity, and footprint of these instruments. The Contichrom® Discovery LC equipment uses a novel fractionation process allowing selective enrichment of any chosen species within a large excess of other interfering species; thereby increasing the sensitivity of detection for a chosen species 1000-fold. The Contichrom® Discovery LC can be coupled online to a MS/MS allowing automation of the discovery process.

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