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Biomedical Research Services - Virtual Tissue  

Virtual tissues services for biomedical research features high fidelity tissue simulation and modelling to grow virtual tissue from a single cell, giving unprecedented insight into lineage...
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2 out of 5

Gilson has redefined purification with TRILUTION® LC. This liquid chromatography software, specifically designed for purification, gives you complete control of your run and your data...
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  • Ease of use 1 out of 5
  • After sales service 3 out of 5
  • Value for money 1 out of 5

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Designed by scientists for scientists, TRILUTION® LH is your complete software solution for all Liquid Handling (LH) and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) applications. TRILUTION LH is...
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MRM Pilot™ Software  

MRMPilot™ Software streamlines the building and optimization of peptide MRM quantitative assays on QTRAP® systems and Triple Quadrupole based instruments. The software allows protein...
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MultiQuant™ Software  

Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) experiments have emerged as the definitive analytical tool for drug quantitation in pre-clinical and clinical trials. More recently, the proteomics...
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ProteinPilot™ Software  

ProteinPilot Software from Applied Biosystems Easy-to-use ProteinPilot™ 2.0.1 Software from Applied Biosystems streamlines protein identification and quantitation, enabling you to: ...
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UNICORN 6 Control Software  

UNICORN 6 offers a modern system control software platform, specifically designed to save time and provide total control of your protein purification work with any ÄKTA system. UNICORN...
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Genedata Biologics™  

Genedata Biologics™ is a data management system supporting end-to-end biologics research and development processes. Comprehensive in scope, it focuses on antibody screening, protein...
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