Live Cell Gi- and Gs- Coupled GPCR Second Messenger Signaling on the FLIPR Tetra System with the Promega GloSensor cAMP Assay
31 Oct 2014

This application note demonstrates the use of the modified luminescent firefly luciferase based Promega GloSensor™ cAMP Assay on the FLIPR® Tetra High Throughput Cellular Screening System to enable detection of cAMP mediated Gs- and Gi-coupled GPCR activity in kinetic mode. With this assay, these GPCR subtypes can now be evaluated in a live cell assay measuring changes in intracellular cAMP concentration, the relevant second messenger mechanism. Combined with the GloSensor cAMP Assay, the FLIPR Tetra System delivers a flexible and complete solution for kinetic screening of the major classes of GPCR subtypes.

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