Detection and Quantification of Leached Protein A from Eshmuno® A Resin Using Cygnus F400 Protein A ELISA kit
24 Oct 2014

This case study demonstrates the performance of the Cygnus Protein A ELISA Kit with samples containing EMD Millipore’s Eshmuno® A Protein A ligand. The initial feasibility testing demonstrates that the Cygnus F400 Protein A ELISA Kit could accurately measure the Eshmuno® A Protein A ligand. In phase II, the accuracy and precision of the ELISA was assessed using samples from a 3-step antibody purification process. The F400 Protein A ELISA Kit performed within the generally accepted specifications. Based on this testing, the Cygnus F400 Protein A ELISA is qualified for measuring the Eshmuno® A Protein A ligand in a typical downstream process using Eshmuno® A resin. Eshmuno® A resin has a high binding capacity, superior flow capability and excellent batch-to-batch consistency so increases productivity and reliability of results.

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