ZRE NDIR Analyzer by California Analytical Instruments, Inc.

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ZRE NDIR Analyzer
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The CAI ZRE NDIR analyzer is based on the infrared absorption characteristics of gases. Us ing a single infrared beam to measure gas concentrations, the ZRE produces highly stable and reliable results.

A single infrared light beam is modulated by a chopper system and passed through a sample cell of predetermined length containing the gas sample to be analyzed. As the beam passes through the cell, the sample gas absorbs some of its energy. The attenuated beam (transmittance) emerges from the cell and is introduced to the front chamber of a two-chamber infrared microflow detector. The detector is filled with the gas component of interest and consequently the beam experiences further energy absorption. This absorption process increases the pressure in both of the chambers. The differential pressure between the front and rear chambers of the detector causes a slight gas flow between the two chambers. This flow is detected by a mass-flow sensor and is converted into an output signal.

Applications of the ZRE NDIR analyzer:

  • Stack Gases (CEM)
  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Turbine/Generator Feedback Control
  • Process Chemical Gas Analysis
  • Personnel Safety
  • Fuel Cell Analysis
  • Vehicle Emissions

Features of the ZRE NDIR analyzer:

  • Measures From Low ppm to percent Concentrations
  • Multi-Component—Up to Four IR Channels Plus Oxygen
  • One or Two Ranges Per Component
  • Fast Response Time
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • Virtually Unaffected by Moisture Interference
  • Output Options: Voltage, Current, RS-485 (MODBUS Protocol), USB
  • Compact Size
  • CE Mark

Options for the ZRE NDIR analyzer:

  • Fuel Cell Oxygen Channel
  • Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • External NOx Converter