ZORBAX 80Å Extend-C18 (USP L1)

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"Extend-C18 columns incorporate a unique patented bidentate silane, combined with a double-endcapping process that protects the silica from dissolution at high pH - up to pH 11.5. Columns are best applied for separations of compounds that are either (1) basic and have little or no retention at low or intermediate pHs, (2) more stable or more soluble at high pH, or (3) basic and show poor peak shape at low or intermediate pH.
  • High efficiency and long life at high pH - up to pH 11.5
  • Unique bidentate bonding and double endcaping provides high pH stability
  • More efficiency and better peak shape than polymer-based columns
  • Improve retention, resolution and peak shape of basic compounds
  • High sensitivity for LC/MS separations of peptides and proteins

1.8 µm particles, 600 bar, available in 2.1  - 4.6 mm id; 20, 30, 50 and 100 mm lengths. 400 bar; available in 2.1 - 4.6 mm id; 20 - 150 mm lengths."

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