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ZETALIF Evolution
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Rating: 4.3
"Easy to use, high efficiency and sensitivity."

Review date: 31 Aug 2011 | ZETALIF Evolution
A Sensitive solution for HPLC, fast-LC and CE systems

High Sensitivity: 10 times to 100 times greater than conventional fluorescence and up to 100,000 times more sensitive than UV detection.
Versatility: 14 interchangelable different lasers availables for any application
Modularity : Adaptable to CE and HPLC systems including Fast-LC, Capillary LC and nanoLC.
Selectivity: Low noise and interference molecules will be detected. Only labeled or native fluorescente.

Two models are available :
LIF-UV-01 Deseigned for lasers emitting at wavelengths from 266 to 488 nm
LIF-VI-01 Deseigned for lasers emitting at wavelengths from 410 to 780 nm

Interface with HPLC system:
Zetalif Evolution is compatible with all LC systems and optimal sensitivity is acheived at flow rates < 0.5 mL/min. Lower sensitivity may be observed at higher flow rates.

Interface with CE system:
Agilent CE ® : External Detector Adapter kit, MS cassette, and an A/D converter (HP.35900E) needed. Capillary length total 55cm/effective 37cm. The system works with the HP Chemstation software.

Dimensions and weight: 34.0 (H) x 17.0 (W) x 34.0 (D)cm/12,5 kg