Zentriform System and ROTOFIX 46 Centrifuge - For the Manufacture of Microfluidic Chips

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The Zentriform System, from Hettich
Lab on a chip systems are governed by complex processes. The behaviour and reactions of different liquids in microfluidic structures can often only be determined experimentally and not theoretically. A simple and cost-effective production of prototypes is therefore essential for the optimization of microfluidic structures.

The ZentriForm is a unique centrifugal system that enables the rapid and cost-effective production of high-quality PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) microfluidic chips.

Advantages of the ZentriForm system:

- Simple handling
- Rapid production of castings
- Removal of air bubbles without a vacuum
- Degassing and cross-linking of the polymer in a
single step
- High dimensional accuracy
- 2 microfluidic chips per centrifuge run

The ROTOFIX 46 Centrifuge
The ROTOFIX 46 proves itself in research and industrial laboratories. While offering a wide range of accessories for routine tasks, it also presents customized solutions for special re-quirements. In version ROTOFIX 46 H, the centrifuge can be heated to 90 °C. This allows to carry out standardized test methods for crude oil testing as well as manufacture microfluidic chips. No temperature control is required to determine the sulphuric acid content of chrome baths. Schlenk tubes which are widely used in organometallic chemistry and co-ordination complex chemistry can also be accommodated. Appropriate carriers and adapters for additional tubes may be manufactured on request.

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Zentriform System and ROTOFIX 46 Centrifuge - For the Manufacture of Microfluidic Chips

Manufacturer Andreas Hettich GmbH

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