ZEISS Crossbeam 340 and Crossbeam 540

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

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Your FIB-SEMs for Nanotomography and Nanofabrication

Speed up your tomography runs: use up to 100 nA FIB current with excellent spot profile to bridge the gap between micro- and nanopatterning.

With Crossbeam you combine the imaging and analytical performance of the GEMINI column with the ability of a next-generation FIB for material processing and sample preparation on a nanoscopic scale. Use the modular platform concept and the open and easily extendable software architecture of this 3D nano-workstation for high throughput nanotomography and nanofabrication of even your most demanding, charging or magnetic samples.


Gain More Information in Less Time

• Speed up your nanotomography and nanofabrication: combine low kV SEM performance with FIB currents up to 100 nA.
• Gain maximum information: use multi-detector acquisition and the ability to mill and image s imultaneously.
•Examine large fields of view of up to 50 k x 40 k pixels - thanks to GEMINI technology and the optional ATLAS 3D package.

Keep Full Process Control
• Profit from maximum stability and a uniform beam profile during your demanding long-term experiments.
• Change system parameters such as probe current or acceleration voltage in real time during your acquisition, without image adjustments.
• Enjoy the easy-to-understand graphical user interface.

Experience Maximum Flexibility
• Easily upgrade your Crossbeam with a wide range of detectors and accessories.
• Customize your system for in situ experiments.
• With the open application programming interface (API) you have access to every microscope parameter.

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ZEISS Crossbeam 340 and Crossbeam 540

Manufacturer ZEISS Microscopy

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