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Zebron™ ZB-XLB GC Columns by Phenomenex Inc

Manufacturer Phenomenex Inc

Zebron™ ZB-XLB GC Columns by Phenomenex Inc product image
Zebron™ ZB-XLB GC Columns
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Zebron ™ ZB-XLB-HT is a phenyl-si-arylene bonded phase that can withstand temperatures up to 400˚ C, enabling analyses of compounds with high molecular weights and boiling points. The Zebron Inferno non-metal columns are stable at high temperatures due to proprietary coating and binding technologies, providing long lifetime, low bleed and low activity. They are ideal for analyses in environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, toxicology and biofuels applications. The ZB-XLB-HT Inferno provides unique selectivity for confirmational analyses. This MS-certified column offers low activity and good peak shape for acidic and basic samples. It is also ideal for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), pesticides, herbicides and many EPA methods.
  • Non-metal si-arylene GC column stable to 400 ˚C
  • Robust column for high temperature analysis
  • Provides unique selectivity for conformational analyses
  • Longer lifetime with high temperature, polyimide coated, fused silica tubing
  • Good tool for general screening to identify unknown samples Resolve Complex Samples Without Sacrificing Sensitivity