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Zebron™ ZB-Bioethanol GC Columns by Phenomenex Inc

Manufacturer Phenomenex Inc

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Zebron™ ZB-Bioethanol GC Columns
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Fast Quality Checks for Bioethanol Testing

  • Specially designed for fast and accurate bioethanol analysis; improve method efficiency 800%
  • Meet ASTM D5501 requirements - resolve methanol and ethanol from all other denaturant peaks
  • Great resolution of fusel alcohols
  • Allows for quick bake out between runs to eliminate contaminants

R&D 100 award-winning Zebron ZB-Bioethanol columns were designed to accelerate the bioethanol certification process to help keep bioethanol plants profitable. Able to characterize 29 biofuel components, ZB-Bioethanol cuts analysis runtime from 40 minutes to 5 minutes, an 800% improvement in overall efficiency over the standard ASTM D5501 method.

Recommended Use

Alcohol, Bioethanol, Fusel Alcohols

R&D 100 Award-Winning Technology for Biofuel Analysis

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26 Apr 2017